Contact #3

May 25th 2002

Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas,

This is the third and final contact you will receive. Future messages will be presented in the “Alukar Heights” section of the site, the first commencing in June, 2002.

At this time of great conflict on this planet, the longing and searching for that elusive and special someone is intensified for some people.

Many have adopted and accepted this elusive “special someone” as being their SOULMATE—a concept which is becoming widely used in the public consciousness.

Let us take a look at the concept of a soulmate as is commonly presented on this plane:

A soulmate is commonly understood to be that individual, usually of the opposite sex, who is one’s helpmate. Between these two beings there is a great attraction of their hearts and minds. Soulmates are supposed to be those special individuals who have supposedly loved each other’s soul essence over many lifetimes.

Soulmate relationships are fairly common and an individual can have more than one soulmate at any given incarnation. The ties between soulmates can be broken when one abuses the other.

What has been stated above is a summary of the accepted dogma about soulmates as believed to be true on this plane.


Because of the current dogma, many are mistakenly looking for their soulmates, who they think will be the perfect partners for them in this life. If they knew the truth of the situation, they would not be looking for their soulmate, but instead they would search for their spiritual counter-parts and projections.

A true description of soulmates is that they are people who have worked against each other on the subtle level over several lifetimes. A soulmate relationship is made up of a True Being who is unwittingly being exploited by a counterfeit being.

Soulmates are really an imposition of the counterfeit creation. They are a form of programming by Darkness to place two or more of the ontologically opposites closely together. Due to this programming, soulmates appear to love one another dearly and they are brought together again and again throughout many lifetimes. The Evil Lords of Karma do this in order to keep their chosen victims trapped in situations where True Beings are continually being exploited and stripped of their Divine Energy by counterfeit beings. They also make sure that the True Beings will remain trapped and be unable to discover true awareness.

If, by chance a True Being awakens to the truth and the programming which bonded the soulmates together begins to break down, what occurs is a dissolution of the so-called soulmate relationship. Otherwise, the two ontologically opposed mates generally behave like loving couples or mates*oblivious to the true nature of their “soul relationship”*until the very end of all their incarnations.

Thus in truth, your bitter enemy/enemies has (have) stolen your love from your true spiritual counterpart by blinding you (through programming) to the truth that you are romancing, nurturing and protecting your bitter enemy again and again over many lifetimes.

When the True Being awakens from the “sleep” he or she realises that his or her so-called soulmate is his or her arch enemy.

Many beings of Darkness have disguised themselves as beings of Light and used the name of soulmate to fool and trap the True Beings. So, if someone cunningly tells you that he or she is your soulmate or has many past intimate incarnations with you, do not be quick to accept that as something good.

However, not all enemies fight in the physical and not all who appear to get on very well are real friends. Often, things are not what they appear to be on this level.

If you feel the need to search for that very special, elusive spiritual counter-part of yours, then search within and not from without..

with Love and Blessings


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