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October 25th 2001

Greetings to all TARRA-HA-TIKAS!

Today, October 25th, 2001 marks the evacuation of all “trapped”, “damaged” and “injured” Warriors of the Light from this place. It is a great relief, a happy occasion for such ones, for it is their release from Bondage.

The Dark side can no longer torture and use them against the Light, against their own kind. It is the beginning of a joyous, harmonious existence for them–their return to the Source. The heart that truly realizes will understand what this means for them and the Light.

The 12th of September was the commencement of a new “time warp” for the Plan of Correction. Things will be accelerated, and events throughout the world and amongst individuals will develop, alter and eventuate, rapidly and unexpectedly. The barriers of improbability and incredulity are now being broken rapidly. Events will appear out of control, out of character.

Do not despair or lose heart now and in the difficult times ahead. Some of you are experiencing major personal battles, or will soon do so. It will assist you if your focus is in the right direction and each of you knows inwardly what that means.

The battle between the Higher-Self and the lower-self will be carried out in full swing in those who have not resolved this battle or have not kept the lower-self sufficiently under control.

Physical attachments coupled with a lack of inner understanding will further blind one, and open one to evil programming which destroys one’s inner stability and peace.

Remember, each of us has to take responsibility for our own actions and decisions. We are not responsible for another’s ignorance. We are not responsible for another’s acceptance of falsehood. You cannot decide for another, or influence another’s “viability.”

We cannot blame others for our short-comings, our predicaments, or our own unhappiness, or the unhappiness of those for whom we care.

Each consciousness had its own ample opportunity to turn or return to the Light – The Eternal Flame (A-itu)..

Evil will express at its worst when the final stage of the Final Countdown begins in the New Year. Vicious, exploitative confrontation, in all modes, at all levels, will become more and more open and fierce.

Workers of the Light still remaining here will receive further modifications to their spiritual bodies in order to assist them in coping with the worsening time.

The Virtual Reality of this Evil Creation is breaking down layer by layer, level by level.

Inner transformation is the sure way to remain sane and to remain connected in these hard times. The momentous spiritual transformations being experienced during this time have brought some people immense inner conflict and agony, while others are experiencing overwhelming joy at the thought of a return to an evil-free, joyous existence.

Keep your spirits up. Smile, and hold yourselves well, with inner confidence, and you will rejoice in the days to come.

Love and Light to all the beautiful “Lights”.

M24  –  Accomplished!


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