September 26th 2000

Communication #8

Greetings to all TARRA-HA-TIKAS.

We know you are all waiting to realize the Time of Victory. Your efforts in so many ways have been noted.

Let us refresh our memory of the following:

Evil carved out a niche from the Divine Creation, sealed it off from its Source, and then commenced its own "creation," which is a mockery to the Divine.

This artificial creation of the Evil Mind includes this planet earth. All the dimensions of this pseudo creation are illusional - the higher they go, the more elusive and subtle are the illusions and traps.

When considering the earth, there are "co-creators", but they are in total opposition to the Divine. These "co-creators" are agents and archons of Evil, and the purpose of their "creations" is to ensnare, confuse, exploit, and control any beings of Light who remain within this nasty, ugly, evil world.

One thing on the forefront of discussions today is that "robots" may one day be evolved into "creations" of artificial intelligence. The modern scientists use electronic pulses to create these "brains," which are commonly known as computers.

We are being persuaded to believe that there will one day be robots which are the creations of physical beings who inhabit the earth, and these robots will appear to think and act like humans, and will eventually be accepted amongst humans.

This description is quite erroneous, because it assumes that the thinking, learning and responses are not programmed. However, human beings are not primarily thinking beings. On the contrary, they are very much robotic and programmed beings.

Humans are programmed at several levels, from the very blatant type - such as being brainwashed by television shows to purchase certain products or services - to subtle programming which influences them and shapes their behaviour. At a more subtle level, thoughts are implanted into humans to influence behaviour.

Fundamentally, people are programmed by the influence of numerological and astrological frequencies which correspond to their birthday and their place and time of birth. The family name they inherit, and the name they go by, give them another kind of programming.

Programming by the use of audible and inaudible sounds and visible and invisible beams, by the evil aliens, and other sources, also control the behaviour of humans as well as animals.

Light beings who were trapped here remain encased in Matter (Evil). The Evil Mind makes them suffer, and as they suffer, they relinquish Divine energy, which the Evil Mind uses to operate, expand and maintain its evil realms.

To further confuse, trap and drain the trapped True beings of the Light, the "co-creators" began creating artificial or counterfeit consciousness that was likewise deposited into physical bodies on places such as the planet earth.

These counterfeit beings were at first rather crude; however, over time, the "co-creators" began perfecting their biological parts and the programming of artificial consciousness so that the trapped True beings in human form began to accept that the counterfeit beings were in fact the same as them.

Superficially, almost none can now discern a robot or a counterfeit being from a True being. They appear to be alike outwardly. The counterfeit beings can fake their way through spiritual expressions and can experience the "mock" spiritual/mystical experiences set up by their Dark masters without ever truly experiencing the Divine, nor being truly touched by It.

However, if the counterfeit beings sincerely seek the Light, then modifications can be made on them to allow them to experience the Divine; just as the True beings do when they reach out to the Light by following their inner Divine blue print which the counterfeit beings do not possess.

In one sense, those in human bodies - the True beings and counterfeit beings alike, are all robots. Ironically, by and large humanity is already made up of artificial intelligence!

Dear Tarra-ha-tikas, remember to always look within; search with great vigour and dedication, and seek always to connect to your own blue print and connect with the Divine. This blue print is what makes you unique.

The Divine is not fooled by the outward appearances of beings nor by their apparent purity, apparent power, apparent humility and beauty, or feigned dedication.

The Divine is not tricked by programming that is so effective in this dimension.

The Divine Being of Purity knows each consciousness.

The Divine Being of Purity knows and loves each of Its creations and will not give them up so easily.

It is time to shake off the programming directed at you by consciously rejecting it.

It is time to break away from the lure of artificial and superficial things which separate you from the Divine.

It is time to be firmly focussed on the Light and to never, never look back.

Take responsibility for your individual and collective actions. Each time you choose a coarser or lower vibration, you have chosen Darkness. Each time you choose to act for the Light, you are lifting your vibration.

Unfortunately, the majority of the inhabitants of this planet are consciously acting in the ways of Darkness - the negative energetic masses of negativity are reaching a time of critical explosion.

People are tricked into believing that Good and Evil are necessary for balancing. This is a spurious lie sponsored by the Dark hierarchy.

The time has come for those counterfeit beings who have truly desired to turn to the Light, who want to embrace the Mother's Light, to become "True beings". These sincere ones will have spiritual parts added on to them which will allow them, in time, to enjoy the spiritual qualities of a True Being.

These modified beings will be located in a realm specially prepared for them till the process of their modification is completed. Major changes almost never occur overnight. Likewise, the process of modification for these "modified" counterfeit will be spread over a period of time, but the end result will be most joyous and satisfactory for them and for their new Family - the Celestial Family of Light.

Time will be manipulated to allow the preliminary process of modification of "modified" counterfeit beings to be accomplished on this level within a much shorter period of time. Some of the Tarra-ha-tikas will be assigned to be involved in the work associated with this preliminary modification process.

Dear Tarra-ha-tikas, do be mindful of not squandering the precious Divine energy given to you.

Remember, it is impossible to hold the lower energies of Darkness of fear, greed, lust and falsity, and still operate within the higher energies.

IGNORANCE is certainly NOT BLISS - M24.

Love and Blessings


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