September 7th 2000

Communication #7

Greetings to all TARRA-HA-TIKAS!

Waste not your energy arguing with people over who has got the Truth. Our Truth does not need the approval, the acceptance, or the authority of anyone on this planet to affirm or negate it. We do not seek anyone's approval. Those who have that blue-print in them recognize the Truth inwardly. Your progress, your stability and your strength should not be dependant on another's approval, on another's strength, mood, morality and progress, otherwise you will be like a candle blowing in the wind.

This world of Virtual Reality is the work of an evil usurper who created the Outer and Inner Virtual Realities - and there are sub-Virtual Realities within each Virtual Reality - in order to entrap the particles of Light - the beings of Light/the beings of the True Divine Creation.

On this planet, we are told that each person is a mixture of good and evil. IT IS NOT SO! One is either Good - of the True Divine Creation - or Evil - of the pseudo-creation of the Evil usurper, a non-true being of the Evil creation.

The apparent appearance of both good and evil in humans and in all levels of consciousness is due to the particles of Light being trapped in Darkness which occurred a long, long, long time ago.

The common impression is that Good is represented by the bulk of the people, and Evil by only a small percentage of nasty, vile thieves, robbers and murderers. This is backwards; there is only a small amount of Good in this very Evil world\dimension. Those on earth, in this physical plane, have such limited minds, that they cannot conceive of the bigger scheme. The bigger scheme some thought they knew is, in fact, still within the illusion of this one big Virtual Reality. For most, this physical world is all there is.

The inhabitants of earth are so deceived by the Virtual Reality of this dimension, that white appears black and black seems like white. Many evil beings present themselves as "good" persons, a fake persona to deceive and exploit others. Good is seen as all that is tied to the earth, and Evil is viewed as anything that would disrupt all this apparent beauty. The Earth Mother, which is really an Evil aspect of the Evil Mind that controls the earth and the rest of the Evil realms, is worshipped on this planet.

But the Earth Mother is the false mother, impersonating the Divine Mother. The Earth Mother's domain is the earth where vibrations are so slow that beings of Light were forced to slow down so far in vibration that they became trapped in physical bodies. In this way the Light became trapped in Matter.

Once in the physical bodies, the trapped True beings were deprived of their memories of the Divine Mother, and of their true Identities, their true Origin. Instead, false memories were implanted in their minds and they were tricked into thinking they were physical beings of the Earth Mother instead of Light beings and children of the True Divine Mother.

In this Evil world of Virtual Reality, people are programmed to look only at the surface of things. The wicked ugliness of the survival of the fittest, and the food chain, - where one species feeds on another - are but two of countless examples of the evilness in the Evil Creation. However, in the Pure Creation of the Divine Mother, this biological life is seen as profane.

In this dimension, with the beings of Light trapped within the Evil Creation, the True beings suffer horribly. As they suffer, they give up their Divine energy which is then used to energize the Evil of this dimension. Yet, in this Virtual Reality of deception, the True beings actually worship their enemy, their captor, their jailor, their kidnapper! Modern day psychologists refer to this phenomenon as the Helsinki syndrome, where victims of kidnapping forget that they are the people who kidnapped them. Similarly, often, people who had been kidnapped by the evil aliens responded to their violators with love and admiration.

In the days of Camelot, the Divine Being of Purity attempted for one last time to win those of the Evil Creation to the Love of the Divine Mother. This failed, proving that Evil cannot respond to True Love. But the story gives a valid setting, via metaphor, to describe what is happening today as the Divine Mother shatters the wickedness of the Virtual Realities of the physical dimension.

When Arthur"incarnated" on earth, he had come down with very specific instructions, and also, with unique "attachments" to his being. He was an aspect of the Divine Mother who also descended into this hellish earth, with all the Purity available to any aspect of the Divine Being of Purity.

However, as with all who come down to this dimension, their memory of their role was erased upon their entry into this Virtual Reality due to a filtering mechanism of this Evil dimension. To attempt to revive this lost memory, Arthur, like the others, had to learn his Pure purpose from scratch. Further, in order for Arthur to perform one of his main functions on earth, which was to try for this last time to assist the Light in winning those of Evil to the Light of the Divine Mother, his Divine Essence was temporarily overlaid with a touch of the most evil of energies. This energy is metaphorically referred to as the Morgana\Mordred energy.

For a high Divine being to live with this Evil "graft" is to live in absolute Hell. It was hoped that with all Merlin's (Arthur's mentor) guidance and the tools given to Arthur, that he could turn the attached Evil portion to the Mother's Love.

In addition to the many tools and added awareness, Arthur was given great physical prowess and skills and the assistance of Gwenevere - who was the Divine Mother "incarnated".

Gwenevere showered Arthur with unconditional love, as only the Divine Mother is capable of, but, alas, her love was not recognized by the Evil portion of Arthur.

As the essence of the story of Camelot unfolded, Arthur, Gwenevere, Lancelot and Merlin were swamped by Evil. The Camelot story, the final attempt by the Light to "convert" Darkness through Divine Love, convinced the T-Council that conclusively, Evil cannot respond to True Love.

Gwenevere, Arthur, Merlin and Lancelot and a cadre of devoted knights of Purity were unable to turn even the little Evil "grafted" to Arthur, proving for the last time that Evil will always remain evil, will always corrupt those of the Light, will always rebel against the Light.

Therefore, there is no place for Evil in the Divine Creation, and therefore, Evil must be totally eradicated by transmutation.

Today, a male and female aspect of the Divine Being of Purity have once again surfaced and worked together as they did when they were Arthur and Gwenevere in Camelot. And, as in Camelot, it has again been proven that the Evil aspect "grafted" onto Arthur will not turn to the Light despite countless opportunities.

Once again it has rebelled against the Light; it has rebelled against the Mother; it corrupts, torments and schemes against the beings of Light. However, this time round, the aim is not to win Evil over, nor is it to prove that Evil is incapable of True Love - these had already been proven. This time round, Arthur and Gwenevere are here as "walk-ins" to rescue the trapped beings of Light and to return them to their Divine Source and to remove the grafted Evil portion from Arthur once and forever.

With the shattering of the Outer Virtual Reality of this dimension, trapped beings of Light are liberated.

Now as the "grafted" Evil is removed from Arthur, Arthur will soon be merged with his Celestial Twin, Babaji of Haidekhan. As the Outer Virtual Reality is shattered, Gwenevere will continue her work and has begun the process of shattering the Inner Virtual Reality. The New Energy is used as the source of power in shattering the Virtual Reality.

As Arthur merges with his Celestial Twin, so too, will Gwenevere merge with her Twin, Lancelot. Together Gwenevere and Lancelot will form a team with Arthur/Babaji in directing the process of shattering the Inner Virtual Reality.

Soon this final phase of the Final Phase of the work will be finished when the Inner Virtual Reality is totally shattered. Then all the "spiritual" warriors and the remaining workers of the Light will be free to leave this horrible, awful trap and return to the glorious, joyful, pure domain of their original abode.

But until then, on this level, the spiritually alive are the minority, constantly persecuted by the spiritually dead.

Dear Tarra-ha-tikas, your toils, your humiliations, your suffering are nearly over.

Let go of all Fear, M24.


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