July 25th 2000

Communication #6

Greetings to all TARRA-HA-TIKAS.

Even though, at times, the path of a Tarra-ha-tika is difficult, trying, tiring and painful on this physical level, the Victory Dance of the Light Beings at the end of it all is worth the effort. THE HOMECOMING IS WORTH EVERYTHING!

When you are not nourished by the Light, you constantly experience an inner sense of loss, of dissatisfaction, of lack, of confusion, of disharmony.

To be nourished by the Light, you must draw towards the Light; you must be willing to make changes - if necessary - which will allow your life to be flooded by the Light. This will entail the necessity for you to listen to your intuitive guidance and follow your heart, not your lower mind.

Thus, practise tuning in more deeply to gain insight and guidance into your everyday situations.

Remind yourself to appreciate the opportunity that you have right now, to serve the Divine.

Daily, TAKE TIME to reflect purposefully.

In order to maintain your inner peace, strive to live in the Divine flow daily, and trust your purpose for being here, and the role you are playing in the scheme of things - even if you are not clear what your role is.

Below are 7 sets of "codes". Each Tarra-ha-tika will choose a set that s/he is most drawn to. Use your chosen set daily to strengthen your position.

You may reflect on the chosen "code" by meditating on it - its sound/vibration/colours etc.; you may mentally repeat the "code" at least once daily - this is one exercise you need not be concerned about overdoing it! You may wish to repeat the "code" out loud and allow its vibration to sink into your being. Some of the letters are to be repeated as they are, some are to be repeated as a word.

Please note the instructions that follow each set of "code".



1 WYO - 3- Z Z Z
pronounced as: Wy-Oh-three -- Zee Zee Zee

2 KU - A - 225 - SO ...
pronounced as: Koo-A-two, two, five - Soooooooooo

pronounced as: L - Ai - four - Is-te-may-worrrrrr

4 *XO*
pronounced as: Star - X - Oh - Star

5 M77* - CLIPPA
pronounced as: M - seven, seven, - Star - Clippppar

6 OMO-IF54
pronounced as: Oh - M -Oh - I - F - five, four

pronounced as: Sa - Sa - W five - Do it

Let your intuitive Self guide you in recognizing and tuning into your chosen personal "code".

Best Wishes and happy tuning, M24.


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