July 14th 2000

Communication #5

Greetings to all TARRA-HA-TIKAS.

There is a joy that is everlasting, there is a love that is unconditional.
There is a bliss which can only truly manifest when we return to Purity.

This Virtual Reality with its virtual reality within a virtual reality can only be shattered when the "life-supporting agent" is removed from this pseudo creation. This is a very complex and delicate operation.

The separation of Light from Matter (Darkness) can be extremely painful for those who have been immersed in Darkness for so long. With the passing of time, you have begun to adopt it as a part of yourself. Hence, as this imposed evil part is being separated from you, you feel that a part of yourself is being threatened; you feel the pain and anxiety of separation, the reluctance and the fear that come with the process of elimination.

Light and Darkness - Christ and Anti-Christ Energy - must be confronted and separated before the final battle is won by the Light. This process will bring about many varied changes, including changes in the affairs of Tarra-ha-tikas on this plane.

Some of you may need to relocate, to make changes in your personal relationships, in your career and in your so-called commitments to others.

Follow your heart and seek to do what is "right" to your True Self and not what the status quo specifies. Do not worry about what people think of your actions, which the status quo finds unacceptable or threatening. After all, those who uphold the status quo are primarily the robots and demons of this pseudo creation.

Your right actions will help break the illusory bondage. Every action borne out of true love will ultimately bear fruits of love. No matter what is required of you, your inner being knows the truth. Your outer/physical being must gather up all his/her strength to follow Truth.

When you hold back, when your focus on the Light is distracted by the illusions of this world, you will be confused; you will experience emotional and mental pain, anguish, frustration, resentment, anxiety, fear and insecurity that are totally alien to your True Divine nature.

Only by your determined concentration on the Light can you be able to short-circuit all the negative programming which has caused you to doubt, to hesitate, to be divided in your thoughts and actions.

The Divine Mother's/Christ's Energy which is meant to sustain and balance the energy of True Beings here is ironically also a means of sustaining the Being of Darkness.

It is now time to put an end to this. Once the Divine Mother's/Christ's -sustaining Energy is removed, the Virtual Reality will collapse.

Clearly, the co-operation and the unification of all TARRA-HA-TIKAS are essentially extremely crucial in many ways.

Merge with the Light, M24.


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