July 10th 2000

Communication #4

Greetings to all TARRA-HA-TIKAS.

We need courage to speak our truth and we need perseverance and commitment to live our truth.

The lack of commitment is due to a lack of total commitment to the Light. The lack of total surrender and commitment to the Light is holding some of you back from experiencing true inner peace and happiness, and preventing you from venturing boldly forward in the service for the Light.

On this level, your lack of total commitment is influenced by severe programming by the opposing forces. However, by your determined concentration on the Light, you can bypass such negative programming.

In your true nature, each is a magnificent, beautiful, and powerful being of Light. Being aware of the fact that you are a Tarra-ha-tika who has chosen to serve the Light on this plane is a wonderful acknowledgment and realization.

Do not let the opposing dark forces put doubts into your mind to cause you instability. It is not easy to live and embody this awareness of your service to the Light when you are constantly surrounded by so much confusion, pollution, despair, frustration, programming and energy attacks of this evil dimension.

Accessing a state of equilibrium, clarity, bliss and oneness with the Divine Being of Purity in this dimension often presents us with a great challenge.

Nonetheless, we must persevere, and remain aware and alert at all times in order to see ourselves through this hard time until the mission is accomplished. It is then that we return to our Source and truly live in purity, freedom, joy and unconditional love. It is then that we can truly access the joy, peace and harmony that are part of our true nature.

Your reason for serving the Light should not be based on the shaky ground of gaining another's approval, or to please someone, or for selfish personal gains. It is service based on love for the Divine which can survive the trials and tribulations, attacks and the difficult times ahead.

Part of the work of all Tarra-ha-tikas is to create a powerful force field to support and nurture one another, so that you can ground your spirituality and open a pathway for the Light workers from another level to connect and work with you here in order to facilitate the process of liberation from Darkness.

For awhile, things may seem difficult for the Light workers due to changes. This can often cause confusion. Thus, it is wise to remain calm and focused by making sure that you MAKE TIME to allow for personal connection with your Higher Self through inner silence and quiet - but lively - communication.

Go with the flow which can only be felt inwardly when you consciously choose to rest, and walk in the Light.

Follow your inner peace, M24.


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