June 12th 2000

Communication #3

Greetings to all fellow Tarra-ha-tikas.

Until you know who you are, you play different roles and often discover you are filling your life with meaningless activities, and chasing useless goals; involving yourself in things that have nothing to do with the purpose of your role and the development of your true essence.

Once you are awakened, you begin to develop the courage to be who you are, even if this true self appears so very different from others.

Once you truly begin seeking for guidance from your "Source", your energy is no longer so tied up in seeking things of this world to gratify your sense of identity, to feed the ego.

A non-Tarra-ha-tika cannot recognize a Tarra-ha-tika. Tarra-ha-tikas must be strong enough to resist the seduction of Darkness. Tarra-ha-tikas must always remind themselves not to fall prey to the illusions of this world of virtual reality.

Things are not what they appear to be in this world. You may witness and experience changes which might not be something you have expected. But the more you are connected to the "Link", the less confusion there will be for you, and the confusion, if any, will be short-lived.

All Tarra-ha-tikas can overcome the programmed fear of this dimension and transmute it into a challenge.

You must not fall into the trap of self-pity. To see yourself as a failure, or as a victim of your situation is to allow yourself to be tricked into accepting a debilitating attitude based on illusion, not on truth.

You are totally responsible for your personal actions. At this stage, you cannot afford to maintain depression, no matter how disgusted you are with this ugly, horrible place.

Your spiritual self will become operative as you open your mind and heart to it. It will direct you toward integration and true power.

A sense of liberation from Darkness will stir in you and feelings of isolation will fade as you expand yourself energetically into the whole "network" of Tarra-ha-tikas.

Remember, you are a brave, strong Tarra-ha-tika and get outside your absurd, programmed preoccupation with misery, depression, self-pity, resentment, self-doubt, and your unhappy past. Tell yourself that you can serve, you can focus on the Light.

Although the joy and elation you feel when you are touched by the Light may not last in this world, know that true moments of joy will occur and will last when you return to Purity.

Fragments of truth, once polluted, can create illusions and untruth. For now, persevere, and take each day as it comes. Live in the now with hope and courage. Abstain from debilitating addictions. YOU DON'T NEED THEM!

Your only true responsibility here is to stay awake and be guided inwardly to serve the Light for as long as you are needed here.

Awareness and a willingness to work on yourself can provide the springboard for your inward journey that connects you to your "Source" and alleviates the suffering of being in this Dark Hole.

The many faces of the Beast have recently been revealed. It denotes that "the time has come." Stay cool. Be alert at all times.

The Heart is ready, the Mind is strong. M24.

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