May 30th 2000

Communication #2

Greetings to all the Tarra-ha-tikas. This is the second of my twelve communications with you all.

Please remember that we are not here to be involved in politics or in conspiracies, or even in conspiracy theories. Nor are we here to get rich, become famous, and have a so-called pleasurable life. We are here to perform a necessary function, to play a very precise and urgent role.

Remember, there is no longer such a thing as a "trapped" True Being on earth at this time, because all the "civilian" True Beings - except a small number of "civilian" Light workers who work alongside the Light warriors - have now been evacuated.

Thus, for all intents and purposes, all the trapped True Beings who remain here are no longer "true". They are now beings of darkness. They are non-viable. The Light workers and the warriors of Light cannot be trapped. If they are trapped they can no longer perform their role. They would have been recalled back very quickly unless their temporary side-tracking has not jeopardised the work.

I remind you not to be fooled by the beings of Darkness who often appear in many forms to ensnare you with the promise of power, wealth, prestige, sex, and worldly rewards.

Look behind their appearance to perceive their true face, their true nature, their true colour.

Do not waste your precious, Divine energy over them by trying to help or save them.

You cannot help them, or save them, for they have chosen their own path which is opposite to the Light. They are beyond salvation. They are now your bitter enemies whose role it is to poison, trap, obstruct and destroy you and your work. These do not truly respect you or your work or your Extraterrestrial senior representatives. If they did, they would not be persistently and consciously trying to seduce you into their Darkness; they would respect you and recognise your Extraterrestrial senior representatives, and conduct themselves accordingly and appropriately for, like all true workers of the Light, they would have the blueprint within them to recognise the Divine Light within fellow Light workers.

Any wishy-washy attitude on your part in handling such dark ones only weakens you substantially.

Make the cut quick and crisp now, before you are trapped by such ugly, venomous ones.

It is your duty to rid yourselves of evil traps. IT IS NOT A SACRIFICE FOR THE LIGHT!

I shall convey the rest of my message in the poem which follows.

This is a serious message. Only the strong and the genuine ones will understand it energetically.

They will take heed of the warning and the reminder which all the true Tarra-ha-tikas were aware of before they came to Earth.

It is your duty, as Tarra-ha-tikas, to defend the Light and your own spiritual well-being.

It is your unconditional love for the Divine.

Again, I repeat, it is not a sacrifice.



Who needs A-itu's essence of Love,
To cope in this world of lust?
Who needs support from realms above,
As they battle Evil, as they must?

Strong warriors, workers of Light,
Need A-itu's Love, to pursue the War
Because when Evil they do fight,
Indeed they face a wicked downpour.

Few conceive evil's horrendous attack,
That slyly tend to build egos so high,
Destroying one's will to fight back,
trying to kill the spirit, so they'll not try.

Here, sex and power, Evil holds out,
To trick and degrade spiritual warriors,
Then adds a measure of FEAR and self-doubt,
As its evil plans frustrate, trap Light Carriers.

Demons from Hell use lust to entrap
Warriors and valiant workers of Light.
With sex they ensnare, drain, pollute a dumb sap,
Who succumbs to these evil fiends of the night.

To fend off dark forces, to continue to fight,
All viables must to the Light surrender.
So, who needs Gifts from the Mother's Light?
'Tis all who love Truth and want to defend Her.


Tune to the Inner Sound. M24

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