November 12th 2000

Communication #12

Greetings to all TARRA-HA-TIKAS!

This is the Final Communication.

You now have sufficient tools to perform the tasks at hand.

You have absorbed sufficient energy through this communication process on The Nara Website so that you can now handle the subtle energies around you. This raw power will require you to practise dedication and commitment while focusing on Purity as you unleash these powerful forces of the Light.

In this Celestial War, you have been provided with a "silent shield". This will assist you by buffering and mitigating evil attacks upon you.

You have come this far. You have seen and experienced enough. You have toiled long and hard over many aeons. You now recognize the absurdity, the harshness, the ugliness and the injustice of this Evil Virtual Reality.

Your heart must ever be focused on Divine Love in this "battle". Don't be tricked into fighting out of hatred. Don't be manipulated by the Evil Mind. THIS MANIPULATION IS OFTEN SO VERY SUBTLE. No one is absolutely free from its threat. Therefore, it is imperative that you devote yourself to the Light and surrender totally to the Highest Good.

Remember, no matter how many times you may have fallen, no matter how much injury you may have sustained in this "War", never give up. To quit is to fall into the very trap that must be avoided.


I look forward to the first wave of Tarra-Ha-Tikas being energetically activated to take respective positions in the "energy field" of the operation [WF 626-41ZO].

The second wave of Tarra-Ha-Tikas will be called into position when the first wave of Tarra-Ha-Tikas has fortified the posts.

The third wave of Tarra-Ha-Tikas will join all the brother and sister Tarra-Ha-Tikas when the acceptance of all viable counterfeit beings is completed.

Practise linking in with your code and respective image to determine in which "wave" you belong. Be informed of this intuitively.

Inner development will bring about positive change. If you maintain a SUSTAINED EFFORT for change in the right direction, ultimately change will occur and you will experience a tremendous amount of Inner Peace, Joy and a sense of connectedness with the Divine Source and the force of the Light Servers.

It is possible to have a pure mind amidst the pollution, corruption and dullness of this low-vibrational Virtual Reality if you are totally committed to Purity.

Do not trust everything you receive via the outer mind. The more you sharpen your inner awareness and cultivate Purity, the more readily will you recognize Truth. The more you can distinguish the Divine Source from the Impostor's, the less chance of you being fooled and manipulated by Darkness.

It is time to shed all hedonistic desires and detach from the vile attractions and temptations of this Evil Virtual Reality.


Dear Tarra-Ha-Tikas, be proud of your Spiritual Heritage. Be the happy, committed, powerful and resourceful Tarra-Ha-Tikas you ought to be. Remember always that as Tarra-Ha-Tikas, you are successful warriors for the Light.

I wish to remind you that you are temporarily stationed in this hell-hole and are expected to do your very best at all times. It is when the "War" is over that we will all Return to Our Glorious Celestial Home.

Be strong. Victory is assured!

In Truth, Simplicity and Love.


**** --22

We are now energetically linked!

To all my dear Tarra-Ha-Tikas,



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