November 11th 2000

Communication #11

Greetings to all TARRA-HA-TIKAS.

Communication # 7, which I posted some time ago, apart from other things, served and serves as a catalyst which separates the "wheat" from the "chaff".

Those who harbour the negative energies or act as hosts for the opposing forces can be torn apart in many directions.

The inner conflict/battle is often the result of two conflicting forces within the person. Such an experience is always very unsettling, disturbing, and can be extremely destructive.

If you strive to cultivate depth in your spirituality, you have a better chance of recognizing the subtlety of things. Cultivate depth in your spirituality so that many beliefs (programming) and programmed responses, which are harmful to your physical and spiritual well-being, will not be sustained and expanded by you, either consciously or unconsciously.

Instead, you can break the negative programming.

Thus, be attentive to your habitual behaviours and observe your reactions or responses (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) to situations in life. Observe and determine if you are inclined to act in a robotic manner. If you make a conscious effort to break your false belief systems (programming) due to thought implantation, or other means, you will begin to accept Truth and reject Falsehood. You will also begin to respond to situations in life with depth.

Dear Tarra-Ha-Tikas, this can be a testing time for some, or a rewarding and exciting time for others.

Your lower ego, which you have taken on - due to entry into this Virtual Reality - will be your dangerous enemy. If you allow yourself to play into its hand, it will ultimately ruin you and destroy your dreams, hopes, inner peace and stability while obstructing your progress.

The lower ego is akin to a demon that does not want you to recognize the Divine Energy or Its representatives. Ego will not allow you to respect one another, especially in regard to Divine representatives. Ego does not want you to recognize Purity, Truth and True Love. It will not permit you to access Truth. Instead, it confuses, deceives, separates, and blocks you from the Truth. It always controls, manipulates and lies to you and leads you astray.

As thoughts are energies, if you entertain and/or harbour negative thoughts and emotions, you are giving energy to the negative and evil programming of this Virtual Reality. By this, you are helping to energize the Negativity Pool. Likewise, if your thoughts are energized positively, apart from being a more effective and happier Tarra-Ha-Tika, you are also helping to energize the Positivity Pool.

Dear Tarra-ha-tikas, deep inner cleansing of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes and actions is of paramount importance. Hence, realign your energies and inner awareness through deep meditation every day.

Be aware of the necessity to dig deep within your being in order to expand your awareness and in order to cleanse and heal the wounds of being in this hellish Virtual Reality.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Instead, believe in yourself as a Tarra-Ha-Tika with creative power to serve the Divine.

Very shortly, a shift in awareness will take place in all the Tarra-Ha-Tikas.

Come, fly with us. M 24.



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