October 21st 2000

Communication #10

Greetings to all TARRA-HA-TIKAS.

The illusion of personal fulfilment has often caused more problems in one's life than is realized. If you are unhappy, if you are not at peace within yourself, then examine why you are that way.

Perceive problems as challenges instead of feeling sorry for yourself. By continuously holding on to your hurt, your anger, or your resentment, you only prolong your agony and unhappiness while helping strengthen the negative energy patterns--in short, you are getting nowhere.

To go forward in the Light, your pursuit of the Light must be sincere and focused.

The more that you live in the Light, the stronger your Will becomes. The deeper that you dig within, the less you hold onto the illusions and traps of this physical world. The sooner that you understand that you are not here to realize dreams, ambitions and other worldly fulfilment, the more dedicated to the Light you become. Remember, we are responsible for the choices we make and the actions we take.

Thus, be a responsible TARRA-HA-TIKA of the LIGHT.

Ultimately, our only true allegiance is NOT TO DARKNESS, but TO THE LIGHT.

In Communication # 6, you were asked to select a code from seven choices. If you have been using your chosen code regularly, you should by now be in tune with it. If you are in tune with it, then it is time to familiarize yourself with its corresponding image on this physical level.

Below are three images marked "A", "B" and "C" respectively:

Image A

Image B

Image C

Image "A" is for those who have chosen one of the following codes:

KU-A-225 . . . SO . . .



Image "B" is for those who have chosen one of the following codes:




Image "C" is for those who have chosen the following code:


For example if your chosen code is *XO*, you will be using Image "A".

When you need to clear your mind, when you feel stagnant or out of alignment, when you need to make an important decision, or when you are going through a difficult time, use your image to assist you by visualizing yourself as that image as you simultaneously repeat your code. You may wish to visualize yourself as the image gliding through space as you repeat your code, or you may wish to meditate in your image. Feel yourself in the security and positive enhancement of your image as you repeat your code in it. You may even want to become the image.

Let not the world dictate to you. Let your True Self guide you through your sojourn here.

The time is near.

Harmonize yourself with your code and image. M 24.


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