May 18th 2000

The Return
All Tarra-ha-tikas - Extraterrestrial Light Workers
A-itu, The Eternal Flame
currently stationed throughout this planet.


Although the information on this website is exclusively for the Tarra-ha-tikas, we welcome those who approach our website cordially to share the energy of the contents.

The major portion of the Light's civilian population was "evacuated" in November, 1999. The ones of the Light left now on this planet are the Front Line Warriors and the Light Workers who work as a team in the Rescue Mission in this 3-dimensional sphere.

Very soon the big battle between the E.T.s of Light and the aliens of Darkness will begin in earnest. We, as E.T.s of Light, cannot afford to be complacent at any time.

The amnesia of the masses will soon be over. The majority of the people living in the present increasing world turmoil and undeniable crises are living in a state of uncontrollable nihilism, without knowing that soon the Light will be switched off. These will be in a state of profound shock and terror when the event occurs.

Such ones belong to the remnants of The LIE - the Dark Creation. The Light is Truth.

All falsehood, including fear, cannot be of the Light or be in the Light. Fear is one of the most effective tools used on this planet, this dimension, to mask Truth and to control beings, including animals, of this planet. Fear is also employed powerfully to rule and sustain the evil system in this parasitic realm.

Our great forces are now assembled here, ready for the final stage of the Mission - liberation from Darkness, and the safe return of all the Tarra-ha-tikas. Our Mother crafts are stationed very close to this dimension.

The acceptance or otherwise of the existence of our space crafts by the skeptics is of no consequence to us. The appearance of space crafts from our side, as well as those of Darkness, is visible to many earthlings. Yet, many deliberately deny the existence of space crafts that now gird this planet's circumference.

The purpose of this website is to link in with all the Extraterrestrials of the Light who are now residing in human form - to support and strengthen the "common grid", and to activate the extraterrestrial code as deemed necessary, and to prepare them for their return when the mission is accomplished.

The beings of Darkness will try to misconstrue the contents of this website, but those who belong to this Great Link will inwardly recognize and be embraced by the energy of the message.

As I mentioned earlier on, our space crafts have been in position throughout the skies for a while now. These crafts have their own etheric covering and are not third-dimensional. These can operate in an invisible way around the world unless the etheric covering is removed to reveal the crafts.

We are of the Light - of A-itu, The Eternal Flame. The Light is awesome and unfathomable by the limited physical mind.

Some of you have been on this planet a long, long time and are getting weary of this existence, polluted by the sticky grey matter of inertia and corruption.

As members of our Rescue Mission, each of you, regardless of age, sex, nationality, race, social status or conscious awareness, has willingly chosen to come to this hostile planet at A-itu's call.

Most of you, on arrival in this dimension, had totally forgotten your true identity and the Mission, and the truth about this evil dimension, due to the filtering mechanism set up by the Usurper of this world, of this creation.

After falling into a deep sleep, so to speak, for so long, you are now expected to "wake up" and reclaim your true identity which you know deep within your true being. Although all of you have suffered one way or another in your "drugged" dysfunctional state in this trapped environment, you were never abandoned nor forgotten.

Each of you is pre-encoded to awaken at various periods in this present era. Some of you had awakened gradually, some rather dramatically, some profoundly. Your awakening is progressive, and so is your understanding.

You are now awakening, now when time, as you know it, in the third-dimensional reality, is collapsing.

You are now awakening at a time when the negative programming of this dying planet is beginning to weaken and crumble. As this is occurring, you will experience more and more the friction between moving forward - and living in your true identity - and the frustrating pull of your lower being and ego to artificially cling to the virtual reality of this world.

Do not despair. Be not afraid. You are experiencing the many faces of the process of transmutation of realities which you have all experienced elsewhere before you embarked on this mission here.

Dear fellow Tarra-ha-tikas, each of you represents a light bearer, an energy point here. Each of you acts as a transmitting agent, assisting collectively in the transmutation of all the negative energy patterns which you have taken on as you entered this vile dimension.

As the process of awakening is unfolding, each of you must begin to take responsibility, take control of your own position seriously. Your foremost focus must be the role you have come down to play. There is no room for self-glorification or self-pity.

Traps of all kinds -- relationships, career, money, sex, etc. -- will be forced on you, but you have the will to reject them, and reject them forcefully. Anything and anyone who distracts you from being an effective worker for the Divine, is your enemy. Remember, any half-hearted rejection of Evil is never effective. Remember, you have the power to cut the traps and sever the ties. It is your duty to do so.

You are an Extraterrestrial, a Spiritual Warrior or a Light Worker who has "incarnated" here to do a job. You are not here to learn lessons, or to get involved with relationships, or to attain enlightenment. Let no one outside of the Light demand your loyalty or attachment to them. Each of you has a different role in the wide scheme of things in the Rescue Mission. Just be glad that you are a part of the Rescue Team and do not let your ego get in your way.

Be warned that there is no room for deception, resentment, ego or complacency. Take regular checks of your actions and thought-forms. Implanted thoughts of a negative nature must be rejected at all times. Learn to recognize the opposing energies and tackle them head-on.

Be flexible! When things change, you need to adapt accordingly. Each day, you must set aside a time to listen silently for inner guidance and for recharging your energy.

From time to time, some of you may be activated to resume a certain position as required. Resistance to such a situation can only cause more confusion and friction within yourself. Take control of your own situation.

Although there have been a few casualties of war in this mission, on the whole, the results have been most encouraging. The injured ones have been retrieved for rehabilitation. Be mindful that, although each of you are given support, guidance and assistance, total protection and safety to all Mission Workers are not always possible in this War of Essences between Light and Darkness.

Although we are outnumbered on this planet, our performance and position are far superior than those of the Dark Essence.

Daily, remind yourself of your Source and why you are here. Smile and be happy inwardly, even if you cannot always do so outwardly. Meantime, retain your sanity by laughing at yourself and life.

The "Return" to the Source, To True Divine Reality, has commenced - true love, purity and joy are the powers that shall reign supreme.

Some amongst you are getting ready to leave soon,. Be not afraid; your transition will be supervised and guided by Special Beings at the time of exit.

The evacuation of Warriors / Light Workers will be carried out in the following order:

1.      The Ancients and Ancients of Ancients radiating in the blue; their evacuation is now in progress.

2.       Next, will be the evacuation of the Special beings radiating in green.

3.       Then will follow the evacuation of the beings of both Ancient and Amoebic nature who are radiating in pink.

The last to be evacuated are the "Rescuers" radiating predominantly either in red or white. In certain cases, any of the above groups can be recalled suddenly to work elsewhere.

We welcome the presence of the Five New Special beings who have recently joined forces with us. These are the ones radiating in gold, accompanying the golden energy of the Divine Mother at this present time.

On behalf of all the Rescue Team, I wish all the "blue" beings a speedy and happy return home - you will join the happy ones who have already made the transition.

Our love and good wishes to those remaining ones who are "holding the Fort". You are not alone.

The time has come. M24.

Amitakh C.

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